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For any production line, consistent uptime is essential for success, which means any 3D printer incorporated into the process needs to be reliable, produce excellent parts, and function with minimal operator intervention. The Ultimaker S5 has been a champion for industrial 3D printing, with its easy to use interface and consistent performance. Building on that success, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle hits the mark; this is a 3D printer setup that will intelligently filter the air while printing, swap materials as needed throughout print jobs, and has a software ecosystem with the breadth and depth to support it.  

Let’s break it down-

Let’s break it down.

Filter for Cleaner Air Quality

To help keep temperatures, fumes, and any unwanted ultrafine particles contained, Ultimaker developed the Air Manager. With an EPA filter mounted behind a controlled fan, up to 95% of ultrafine particles are filtered out of the air while controlling the airflow for optimal print quality. Over time, the filter will  need to be replaced, but the Ultimaker S5 tracks filter use, and will prompt the user for replacement when the time comes. Setup is easy too; just plug it into the Ultimaker S5, and the Air Manager will be automatically detected and ready to run. Because this fully encloses the Ultimaker S5, printing with materials that are prone to lifting, delaminating, and warping, becomes trivial; by fully enclosing it, hot air stays inside the 3D printer and drafty cold air currents stay out, creating a consistent temperature around the 3D print for a successful printing experience.

Efficiently clean the air and control interior temperature with the Ultimaker Air Manager

Efficiently clean the air and control interior temperature with the Ultimaker Air Manager

Print 24/7, user interaction not required

The Ultimaker S5 Material Station was developed based on customer research which found material handling needed to be taken to the next level. The Material Station has many features under the hood that simplifies the 3D printing workflow, while delivering a more efficient and reliable solution for material handling. The front facing bay capable of holding up to six materials at once enables fast and easy loading. Each material slot contains a sensor to automatically detect when one spool of filament ends and loads the next. To keep materials printing in ideal conditions for the strongest parts and the best experience, an intelligent humidity control keeps relative humidity below 40%. An NFC chip on every Ultimaker material spool is automatically recognized and seamlessly integrates with Ultimaker Software. Abrasion resistant, dual drive gears are used to feed filament to the extruders for optimal torque when extruding and makes this system composite material ready. All this while still capable of printing with third party filament brands and allowing you to configure profiles as you need.

6 spools of filament ensure that you don't run out in the middle of any print job, no matter how long.

6 spools of filament ensure that you don’t run out in the middle of any print job, no matter how long.

Ultimaker Cloud: Spend less time at the printer and more time at work

Hardware is only half of the equation; software is needed to reinforce the capabilities of any machine. Ultimaker continues to lead the 3D printing industry with their software platform: Ultimaker Cura. It’s the heart of the 3D printing experience and has several unique features that enables the full potential of 3D printing: there are easy to use presets and profiles for favorite materials and machines, with the ability to tweak any and all settings for the exact setup being used, should it be required. When production needs scaling up, Ultimaker Connect is a valuable asset for managing print production and generating printer analytics to keep the 3D printing process running smoothly. To take things one step further, Ultimaker Cloud can be used to start and monitor print jobs from anywhere, create and manage teams and printers, backup custom profiles to the Cloud, and use the Ultimaker Marketplace to download material profiles for filament from the most trusted brands out there.

Start, pause, or stop print jobs from anywhere in the world with a coordinated software set.

Start, pause, or stop print jobs from anywhere in the world with a coordinated software set.

If you’re looking to start 3D printing in your production line, or for a series of 3D printers you can constantly rely on, Ultimaker is a solid choice. And if you or your business already have an Ultimaker S5, the components of this bundle are available separately as well, just be sure to update the printer’s firmware to have their additional functionality. To learn more and to order yours today, check out the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle here.


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