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Disc Ninja is launching its way onto Oculus Quest via the Oculus Store on August 5.

Disc Ninja looks to be a cross between frisbee and golf, using the mechanics or the former with the general hole structure of the latter. The game released in June 2020 for PC VR in Early Access via Steam, but will be making a full launch on Oculus Quest from August 5.

Similar to golf, players will start at a tee marking and have to throw their frisbee towards the end goal until they reach it. As you would expect, the less throws you make, the better your score.

There’s support for both single player and multiplayer, allowing you to compete with friends or with strangers through online matchmaking, if you prefer. Multiplayer modes will support up to 4 players at once.

There are 15 maps available at launch, many of which you can see in the trailer embedded above. There’s a glimpse of some environmental obstacles that will no doubt come into play as well, such as large cavernous gaps between islands and a series of sliding doors that could block the frisbee’s path. All of the maps are set in a magical version of feudal Japan.

In addition to multiplayer support and 15 maps at launch, there will also be collectibles, adjustable difficulty levels and “realistic disc throwing physics.”

While Disc Ninja is available for PC VR in Early Access on Steam now, whether the game will leave early access on PC VR next week to align with the Quest launch is unclear.

Disc Ninja launches on Oculus Quest via the Oculus Store on August 5.


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