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The 3D Printing and Maker Community is truly a special place to let creativity flow freely. Because of that, we want to give you the chance to display your creative side at MatterHackers HQ!  

Inspired by community members like @3DMakerNoob and @dragonbaneOZ’s 3D printed murals, MatterHackers is creating our own Hextile Wall, and we want your very own, customized print to be part of it! All you need to do is create a hextile (details/criteria below) and mail it to us! Then once we receive it, we’ll send you a $5 discount code as thanks for participating!

Send in your very own Hextile to join the #MatterHackersHex project!

Hextile Design Criteria

The actual design criteria for these mosaic tiles are pretty simple; there are just a few key features needed in order to be displayed:

  • Hexagonal base (to represent the MatterHackers logo). 
  • No taller than 75mm (don’t let your features protrude too far, otherwise we won’t be able to display it). 
  • Features must stay within the boundary of the hexagon base.
  • The hexagon will be displayed from tip-to-tip (not the flat edge – please see photos), so be sure to have your designs oriented correctly. 
  • Display of tiles is at our discretion
    • Just don’t design anything obscene – try to keep it PG!
  • If you’re interested in using multiple tiles to create one big pattern, feel free to!
    • Keep in mind the spacing between tiles is 1/4″ (6.35mm)
    • If mounting them separately onto the wall is not achievable with your design, and instead you need it mounted in one piece, you may create a backer board for it. As long as the 1/4″ spacing is integrated into the design and the outer edge of the set would match against other Hextiles (Hextile, 1/4″ space on all sides, another Hextile), you’re golden.
  • The easiest way to create a hextile is to use the Design App templates or Design Tools in MatterControl, but you are free to use whatever method is at your disposal.
    • If you’re interested in using MatterControl to create your hextile, we have another article here where Alec goes over how he made one.

Other than that, you should be good to go! Print these in any color, any material, basic or detailed, painted, 3D carved, cast; whatever you can think of. Any specific criteria not mentioned here means it’s entirely up to you how to go about it. Plus, you can send in as many tiles as you want! 

Send in more than one hextile to complete your design.

Send in more than one hextile to complete your design.

Use whatever material/medium you want - just stick to the size guidelines!

Use whatever material/medium you want – just stick to the size guidelines!

How To Submit Your Hextile To Be Displayed At MatterHackers

Please fill out this form before mailing your hextile to the address below. As soon as we receive your hextile we will email you a $5 discount code to use on anything in the MatterHackers online store

Be sure to include your name and email address inside your hextile package to help us get your well-deserved discount code to you – your hextile may even be featured on all MatterHackers’ social media accounts!

Mail your hextile to: 


c/o Marketing Department

20321 Valencia Circle

Lake Forest, CA 92630

We can’t wait to see what you create – happy printing! 


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