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POPULATION: ONE (2020) is getting some fresh content starting this week that aims to bring a medieval twist to the battle royale shooter.

Called ‘Kingdom Age’, the two month-long event is slated to kick off August 5th, and will include four “big events” which will feature new areas to explore and rewards to win.

There’s still only a few bits of info out about the upcoming medieval DLC, however it seems the game’s sprawling industrial zone has been replaced by a castle which looks tantalizingly ripe with shooting and hiding possibilities.

Image courtesy BigBoxVR

There seems to be a few new costumes to collect too, including both good and evil knights and possibly a witch à la The Red Witch from Game of Thrones. Maybe a blind hunter? There’s no telling yet.

Image courtesy BigBoxVR

We’ve also seen a few swords in promotional material. Population: One actually removed its only sword, the katana, back at the beginning of the second season in May. We’re certainly hoping for some improved sword play with the new content drop this week.

A quick teaser showing an avatar named ‘Victoria’ gives us a peek at some of that ‘good’ armor. You can check it out below, or here if your browser has blocked the Facebook video for some reason.

The studio isn’t couching the free content update as a season per se—if it were, that would make it the game’s third season following its western-themed DLC drop in May, called ‘The Frontier’.

Kingdom Age is set to be the first big event to take place after BigBox VR was acquired by Facebook in June.


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