How to: Coat Your 3D Prints with Hydrographics or Hydro Dip Films Leave a comment


Hydrographics is a process where you overlay a sheet of hydro dip film printed graphics onto an object. The hydrographic  dip film is floated on the surface of a tub of water. It dissolves into a layer of paint floating on top the water. When you dip an object into it, the paint conforms and sticks to the surface.

Hydro dip film is sold in many patterns. In this guide we used Carbon Fiber and Brushed Aluminium. Purchase a roll with the pattern of your choice

The hydro dip film process works best with objects that have flat or gently curved surfaces. Pointy and complicated objects do not work as well because the film has trouble wrapping around them. That being said, you may be surprised at the things hydrographics can do.

Hydrographics can only cover half of an object at a time. If you want graphics on all sides, you will need to dip your object multiple times. Beware, though, because the patterns from both sides will not line up.

Plan out how you are going to dip the object before you start. Remember that you will need to hold the object somehow while you are dipping it, and the part you are holding will not get covered.


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