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Jan. 24, 2014 – IRVINE, Calif. – MatterHackers is moving its once proprietary “MatterControl” 3D printing software to an Open Source model.

Lars Brubaker, CEO of MatterHackers states, “this is a huge deal in the open source 3D printer community. Other companies, like MakerBot, are moving from open systems to closed systems, restricting innovation and ignoring the community that made them great. We want to be going the other way.  We are working hard to ensure that the ecosystem around open source and independent 3D printers remains vibrant and competitive.”

The Desktop 3D Printing market is full of amazing new printers coming to market. But most of those printers do not provide a friendly user interface to enable the consumer to easily create & print their designs.

MatterHackers’ “MatterControl” software solves this problem for both the manufacturer and the consumer. As a manufacturer-agnostic, and now Open Source platform, “MatterControl”( makes it possible for each manufacturer to easily integrate with this solution. This enables the manufacturer’s customers to enjoy a seamless user experience with their Desktop 3D printer, while enabling the growing 3D printer marketplace to thrive.

MatterHackers ( located in Irvine CA, sells 3D printers and 3D printing consumables. 3D printer manufacturers use their “MatterControl” solution to provide a clean, standard and consumer friendly user interface to their printers. Designers use “MatterControl” to create and upload their designs/models as well as monetize the models like a developer who sells their applications on Apple’s App Store. 3D printer users use “MatterControl” to shop, purchase and print 3D designs just as they use the App Store for mobile apps.


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