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Wasteland creator and InXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo has joined the advisory board of Swords of Gargantua developer, Thirdverse, as the company appoints a new CEO.

The studio this week announced that it had appointed Hironao Kunimitsu as its new leader. Kunimitsu previously established gumi in 2007. He looks to lead the company into a new era as it also announces it’s raised $20 million. That’s a combination of the $8.5 million raised in last year’s Series A round and $11.5 million in a Series B.

Thirdverse just launched another massive update to its VR sword fighting game, Swords of Gargantua. It was also the publisher of InXile Entertainment’s competitive VR shooter, Frostpoint, though that game was shut down just a few months after launch. According to a press release, Thirdverse is developing two new VR games across its Japanese and US studios. No details about what either title could be just yet.

Though Frostpoint may not have worked out, Fargo will continue to advise the company as part of his new role. To be clear, the developer is still heading up InXile, which is now a part of Xbox Game Studios, but will be advising Thirdverse on the side.

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