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Fracked developer nDreams has confirmed that there are no plans to bring the game to other headsets beyond PSVR.

The studio confirmed as much in multiple posts in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit this week. “There’s currently no plans to bring Fracked to new/existing headsets as it’s a PlayStation VR exclusive,” one reply reads, “tailor-made for the platform.”

Indeed, Fracked is designed very much with PSVR in mind, and can be played as a seated experience. Still ‘currently no plans’ doesn’t mean there will never be plans, so hopefully we could see the game ported to PC and Oculus Quest headsets in the future.

Elsewhere, fans asked if the game could get a possible multiplayer mode in the future.

“The game was designed from the ground up to be a single-player experience first and foremost, and our priority was delivering that, but we could certainly see the appeal of multiplayer,” the developer said. “There are currently no plans to add this at the moment, but we’re open to all player feedback.”

We recently spoke to nDreams to chart the studio’s history in VR as it prepares for its next big VR release. Fracked, meanwhile, hits PSVR next week. We’ll have our full review of the game ready for you very soon.


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