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FoxFury Announces EXOLANDER© drone system for Autel’s EVO II Drone.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian Cosby

FoxFury Lighting Solutions has announced the launch of the EXOLANDER© Drone System for the Autel EVO II aircraft as part of an expanded partnership with TacSwan and Autel. The new features provided by the US-made EXOLANDER© transform the Evo II into a complete aerial search system, giving it the ability to utilize a searchlight, manual payload delivery system, leg extensions, and landing skids. It securely attaches to the EVO II with its Saddle mount, allowing for a comprehensive drone system designed for every response situation.

EXOLANDER© drone systemThe EXOLANDER© comes equipped with the D100 drone search/spotlight. The D100 provides public safety users with 2,300 lumens of focused lighting, with a 30 ft (9.1 m) diameter spot at 100 ft (30.48 m), and a 60 ft (18.3 m) diameter spot at 200 ft (60.96 m) using OSRAM LEDs. Specially designed for the Autel EVO II version 1 and 2, it weighs in at 12 oz (346 grams), can be angled or aimed straight down, features 70-minutes of battery life, and is splash-proof. Its directed, 15-degree focused beam provides brilliant white light; illuminating areas that would otherwise be difficult to light.

EXOLANDER© drone systemThe EXOLANDER© Manual Payload Delivery System is capable of quickly transporting items in an emergency. The system allows public safety users to drop emergency supplies such as EMS bags, tourniquets, cell phones, radios, space blankets, water bottles, first-aid kits, or other small assistive devices in situations where rescuers cannot otherwise reach or clearly communicate with a victim.

“We are excited to make the EXOLANDER© available as a carrier for multiple EVO II accessories,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury Lighting Solutions. “The EXOLANDER© drone systemEXOLANDER© is innovatively designed for carrying anti-collision lights, the D100 Spotlight, Manual Payload Delivery System, and Skids. These accessories are available now, with more solutions planned for the near future.”

The EXOLANDER© Landing Skids enable the EVO II to land safely on mud, snow, sand, and other terrains. Weighing less than .9 oz (25.6 g) and built out of nylon and carbon fiber, the Landing Skids provide flying balance to the EVO II.

The EXOLANDER© System is currently available to order through FoxFury.com.

Ian attended Dominican University of California, where he received a BA in English in 2019. With a lifelong passion for writing and storytelling and a keen interest in technology, he is now contributing to DroneLife as a staff writer.



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