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Wing  is celebrating 100,000 deliveries supporting communities and local businesses.

Where regulations allow, drone delivery is taking off – and, as research from Virginia Tech shows, residential customers love it.  Wing calls Logan, Australia the drone delivery capital of the world: Logan  residents have ordered and received more than 50,000 deliveries directly to their homes by Wing drone delivery.

Wing serves Logan and 19 suburbs – a combined population of more than 110,000 people. “Logan residents ordered almost 4,500 deliveries in the first week of August, meaning that a Logan resident on average received a drone delivery nearly once every 30 seconds during our service hours,” says Wing.

Wing says that the Logan operation represents the reality of drone delivery, beyond all of the drone delivery trials currently taking place around the world: not only does the volume represent a significant data set, but it’s a live, automated, and on-demand service. “When an order comes in, Wing’s software systems send the best aircraft to perform the delivery from among Wing’s multiple operations sites. Then, our systems use data about the operational environment–Wing’s software performs and analyses 15 million simulations each day to analyse changes in weather and terrain, stress test our delivery systems and continually improve our routing–to create a custom, optimal path for the aircraft to follow to the very spot the customer selects for delivery, either at their home or in some cases, their office. ”

Wing technolgy is providing data about unmanned traffic management, consumer sentiment, and the business of drone delivery.  Unlike many drone delivery programs centered around one retailer, the Wing program provides delivery services for a variety of businesses – allowing smaller retailers and restaurants to offer the service.

This technology has enabled our customers in Logan to start their days with more than 10,000 cups of fresh barista-made coffee in the last year, delivered right to their homes. As their kids transitioned to remote-learning, parents have ordered more than 1,700 snack packs to keep break times interesting. And we’ve made more than 1,200 hot chooks (that’s Australian for roasted chicken) fly just in time for dinner.


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