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17-BIT, the studio behind Galak-Z: The Virtual (2018), had previously mentioned that its upcoming VR survival adventure game Song in the Smoke was coming to Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and PSVR on September 18th. Now the studio says that date wasn’t correct, and that it will release a little later than planned.

Update (September 6th, 2021): 17-Bit announced via Twitter that its September 18th release date for Song in the Smoke was incorrect, and that it was “much more liquid” than previously communicated in its Japanese language reveal during the asobu Indie Showcase. Now the studio says it’s coming “a few weeks later.” 

The original article detailing its initial announcement follows below:  

Original Article (March 5th, 2021): Song in the Smoke puts you head-first into a world filled with prehistoric beasts where you’re tasked with crafting, scrounging, and hunting to survive. If the trailer is any indication, it looks like you’ll be doing a fair bit of fighting with wild animals too.

The game is said to feature eight stages, including forests, valleys, and frozen terrain.

In a PS blogpost, 17-BIT producer Rich McCormick says the game’s first priority “is always survival.”

“That means hunting and scavenging for food to stave off hunger, and it means choosing safe campsite locations to sleep at to avoid exhaustion. It also means concocting antidotes and healing tonics for poison and injuries, as well as staying warm, crafting clothes and building fires as I move from forests, through plateaus, to frozen peaks.”

To create its characters, 17-BIT is working with Katsuya Terada, who is known for his artwork featured in The Legend of Zelda, Blood: The Last Vampire, and The Monkey King.

In an Oculus post, the game’s creative lead Jake Kazdal calls Song in the Smoke “unlike anything we’ve done before, and it’s our most ambitious title yet.”

There’s no launch date yet outside of “sometime this year” (see update), however we at least know that PS Move is supported.


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